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Visit Muskogee For the 27th Annual Oklahoma Renaissance Festival!

Visit Muskogee For the 27th Annual Oklahoma Renaissance Festival!

Visit Muskogee For the 27th Annual
Oklahoma Renaissance Festival!

Visit Muskogee invites you to join us in a month-long Renaissance Festival, put on by The Castle of Muskogee, now through June 4th. The festival promises to bring visitors back in time to the 16th century with a variety of exciting events and activities.

The Renaissance Festival will be held in Muskogee, OK, a beautiful outdoor space that provides the perfect backdrop for the festivities. Visitors can expect to see knights jousting, musicians playing lutes and harps, and performers entertaining the crowds with their daring feats. There will also be a wide range of food and drink options available, including hearty turkey legs and savory pastries.

“We are thrilled to have the Castle in Muskogee,” said Tammye Howell, the Director of Tourism. “This Renaissance Festival they host puts their guests in the middle of the 16th century and allows them to experience the fantasies they see and read about. We hope our guests enjoy their stay in Muskogee as they experience this magical trip back in time.”

In addition to the exciting entertainment options, the festival will also feature a variety of vendors selling unique wares, including handmade jewelry, leather goods, and traditional clothing. Visitors can also participate in arts and crafts activities, watch historical demonstrations, and learn about the history and culture of the Renaissance period.

Visit Muskogee encourages guests to stay the weekend and experience everything the Castle has to offer. A day at the Castle leaves an evening to spend in Muskogee experiencing the various local shops and restaurants that gives Muskogee its charm. Book your accommodations and purchase tickets in advance, as this event is expected to be popular.

For more information about the Renaissance Festival, including ticket prices and event schedules, please visit For information about booking accommodations in Muskogee please visit:

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