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Once the Capital of Indian Territory, Muskogee has played a significant role in Oklahoma and American history. In 1872 Muskogee, OK sprung to life as a railway station for the KATY Railroad.  It took no time at all for railroad workers, bridge builders, boarding house owners, homesteaders, and an array of bootleggers and outlaws to make their way here to live and forge the unique community.  When the hard times hit during the Great Depression, many moved away.  The “Real Okies” stayed.

The migrant agricultural workers from Oklahoma who had been forced to leave during the Depression of the 1930s and who were once thought of in a negative connotation, “Okies” are now typically admired for their grit, creativity with resources, and distinct determination. Okies today are Oklahoma natives who are seen as the tough families and individuals that survived the Dust Bowl and oil bust and either stayed, or moved back, because it was home.

Today the Real Okie spirit can be seen throughout Muskogee and other communities around Oklahoma.  We pride ourselves in how we were built, the diverse groups of people that came before us, and the strength and determination that got us to the Muskogee we are today.

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A Place Where Even Squares Can Have A Ball
From a WWII Sub, to a Renaissance Castle, Muskogee has something for everyone!

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