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Visit Muskogee Receives Prestigious Merit Award for Best Brochure or Publication

Visit Muskogee Receives Prestigious Merit Award for Best Brochure or Publication

Visit Muskogee Receives Prestigious Merit Award for Best Brochure or Publication

Muskogee, Oklahoma – June 13, 2023 – Visit Muskogee is thrilled to announce that it has
been honored with the esteemed Merit Award for Best Brochure or Publication, $10,000 or
Less, presented by the Oklahoma Travel Industry Association (OTIA). This recognition
serves as a testament to Visit Muskogee’s commitment to promoting Muskogee as a
captivating tourist destination and highlighting its rich cultural heritage.

The Merit Award is a prestigious accolade bestowed upon organizations that exhibit
exceptional creativity, design and information presentation within a limited budget. The
Oklahoma Travel Industry Association, known for its diligent evaluation of promotional
materials from across the state, recognized Visit Muskogee’s efforts to captivate and
engage visitors through their brochure or publication.

“We are incredibly honored to receive this Merit Award from the Oklahoma Travel Industry
Association,” expressed Tammye Howell, executive director of Visit Muskogee. “This
recognition showcases the hard work and dedication of our team in promoting Muskogee’s
unique attractions, events, and historical significance.”

The winning brochure or publication showcases Muskogee’s vibrant community, diverse
attractions and exciting events. It effectively captures the essence of Muskogee, presenting
the city as an enticing tourist destination. The visually stunning design, engaging content
and seamless user experience make it a valuable resource for both residents and visitors.
Visit Muskogee’s commitment to excellence and innovation is evident in every aspect of
their promotional materials, and this award highlights their ability to deliver impactful
content even with a limited budget. The recognition from OTIA serves as an inspiration to
continue promoting Muskogee as a must-visit destination.

“As we continue to welcome visitors from across the country, this award reinforces our
mission to provide exceptional experiences and create lasting memories for all who explore
Muskogee,” added Howell.

“We are grateful to the Oklahoma Travel Industry Association for recognizing our efforts and
to our dedicated team for their outstanding work.”

Visit Muskogee looks forward to building upon this success and continuing its mission to
showcase the unique charm and cultural heritage of Muskogee through innovative and
engaging promotional materials.

For more information about Visit Muskogee and to explore the award-winning brochure or
publication, visit

About Visit Muskogee:
Visit Muskogee is a program of the Muskogee Tourism Authority, a public trust of the City of
Muskogee. Dedicated to promoting tourism and fostering economic growth in Muskogee,
Oklahoma. By showcasing Muskogee’s vibrant community, historical landmarks, annual
events, and diverse attractions, the Authority aims to attract visitors and highlight the
unique experiences Muskogee has to offer.

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