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Visit Muskogee Unveils New Logo: The Next Chapter In Tourism

Visit Muskogee Unveils New Logo: The Next Chapter In Tourism

MUSKOGEE, OKLAHOMA – November 27, 2023 – Visit Muskogee announced today the launch of its new logo, a symbol that embodies the warmth, authenticity and dynamic spirit of Muskogee, Oklahoma. The logo represents a new chapter in Muskogee’s tourism journey, showcasing its unique history, local culture and inviting charm, making it a must-visit destination.

The logo was designed by Civitas, a marketing and communications agency that specializes in working with governments, companies, economic development organizations, causes and coalitions. Guided by their expertise, the logo combines modern aesthetics with a deep appreciation for Muskogee’s heritage. It was carefully designed to reflect the following key brand values:

Inviting: Muskogee is a warm and welcoming destination, inviting travelers with open arms. The logo’s design embraces visitors and makes them feel at home from the moment they arrive.

Authentic: Celebrating Muskogee’s unique history and local culture authentically, the logo is a true representation of the region’s rich heritage.

Dynamic: Muskogee is an ever-evolving destination with a dynamic blend of old-world charm and modern appeal. The logo captures this perfect blend, making it clear that Muskogee is a place where history meets innovation.

At the heart of the logo is a captivating and contemporary icon, built from a geometric pattern. This pattern is not just visually stunning but also pays homage to Muskogee’s deep-rooted history and culture. The geometric design symbolizes precision, order and progress, showcasing a destination that is on the rise.

Embedded within this intricate geometric pattern is a subtle yet clever representation of Visit Muskogee’s monogram, “VM.”

The chosen color palette for the logo is a testament to Muskogee’s natural beauty. These colors mirror the region’s breathtaking landscapes, from its serene waters to the lush hues of Oklahoma’s Green Country. The unforgettable sunsets that grace Muskogee are also reflected in the logo’s warm and inviting color scheme, creating a visual connection between the destination and its visitors.

“The launch of the logo marks an exciting new phase in Muskogee’s tourism branding,” said Tammye Howell, executive director of tourism for Visit Muskogee.

“It not only encapsulates the essence of this beautiful destination but also signifies the commitment of Visit Muskogee and the Muskogee Tourism Authority to provide an unforgettable and authentic experience for travelers. As Muskogee continues to evolve, the logo will serve as a beacon, guiding visitors to explore the treasures of this remarkable city.”

To learn more about Muskogee and its many attractions, go to

For media inquiries and more information about Visit Muskogee and the new logo, please contact:

Tammye Howell

Executive Director of Tourism

Visit Muskogee

Phone: 918-869-7101


About Visit Muskogee:

Visit Muskogee is a program of the Muskogee Tourism Authority, a public trust of the City of Muskogee. Dedicated to promoting tourism and fostering economic growth in Muskogee, Oklahoma. By showcasing Muskogee’s vibrant community, historical landmarks, annual events, and diverse attractions, the Authority aims to attract visitors and highlight the unique experiences Muskogee has to offer.

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